Agate, neutral, earth-tone, stone bracelet

Handmade bangle

Bohemian earth-tone barrel agate.  This gemstone neutral in color, with a dark and light hues of brownish colors; agate stone bangle, wrapped in brass wire.  This bold piece goes great with any attire.


3-Stone Bracelets Each Noir Blanc 3-Stone Bangle piece is handmade.  These bangles are created to size. When measuring to find a perfect fit for your bangle you should measure the widest part of your hand when it is squeezed (as if putting on a bangle).  That measurement will let us know what size to make your bangle! Bangle Sizes (Approximate in circumference)

  • X-Small: 7.5 inches around
  • Small:  8 inches around
  • Standard:  8.25 inches around (size that boutique & stores carry)
  • Medium:  8.5 inches around
  • Large:  9 inches around

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so please measure carefully. Please also read our Returns information.  

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